All is quiet in the small town of Highland...or so it seems.

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Cubley's Coze Mystery Series by

R. Morgan Armstrong

~ Tom Hughes, Amazon reader reviewing A Serving of Revenge

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A Murder at Cubley's Coze

Retired Virginia General District Court Judge R. Morgan Armstrong tells about a murder of a rich Baltimore banker during the Depression. The murder occurs in the summer of 1932, Matthew Cubley, at age fourteen, goes to work for the hotel owner, his Uncle TJ. Soon after his arrival at the central Virginia resort hotel, the banker is fatally stabbed with the hotel chef’s knife. Matt needs to find the real killer before his friend, the hotel chef, is sentenced to die by the court or killed by vigilantes.

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Book Two

A Serving of Deceit

Two boys are attacked by three bullies, the police refuse to act without the approval of the local prosecutor, who has vanished. When the prosecutor is found murdered, the boys land in the middle of that investigation and as lies are told to protect the bullies, the town youngsters retaliate. The population is divided into warring camps as tension mounts to solve the murder, stop the bullies, and prevent the town from tearing itself apart. Which side will win, will justice prevail, and will the murder be solved?

"A brisk, entertaining story of feuding youngsters and adults alike."

~ Kirkus Reviews

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Book One

A Serving of Revenge

During the summer of 1955, death came to town. Reporters circled soon after. Some would snatch tidbits and fly away; others would stay for the full feast.

The first body was embedded into the soil of a field of dandelions, grass, weeds, and stalks of volunteer corn. Hidden like a bug crushed by a rolling pin into soft dough. The earth, unlike dough, was more accepting of the intruder. It sipped from the offering before scavengers could deprive it of its due. A herd of cows retreated to a more distant piece of their world of square corners and wire. The human, who provided them hay and a little treat of sweet feed, would become an occasional memory. For now, the body was undiscovered. Not yet noticed by birds or animals, spectators or police. Just a corpse, partially buried in a field.

"As the story progresses, the tension escalates, and...the work doesn't lose sight of its obligation to keep the plot humming along. An exhilarating tale of municipal intrigue and drama."

~ Kirkus Reviews


"The author's knack for the understanding of all levels of the social structure, development of characters, grasp of local vocabulary...are truly remarkable."

~ "Ski Gramma", Amazon reader reviewing A Serving of Revenge

"I would love to see this novel as a movie."

~ Caroline Avant, Amazon reader reviewing A Serving of Revenge

"If you like Grisham, you will love this!!"

~ John Morgan, Amazon reader reviewing A Serving of Revenge

"Moonshine, gambling, murder and mayhem! A story that is easy to get wrapped up in."

~ R.F.H., Amazon reader reviewing A Serving of Deceit

Based on actual scenes from several counties in Virginia.

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About the Author

R. Morgan Armstrong, a retired General District Court judge, now resides at Wintergreen Resort with his wife, Jo Ann. He was a Virginia prosecutor for and an attorney in general practice with his brother, Ward Armstrong, in the firm of Armstrong and Armstrong.